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本文摘要:With about 10 million new iPhone 6s ordered in the initial days on the market, a whole lot of old iPhones are destined for the scrap heap. Sure, you could sell, donate or recycle your old Apple iPhone, but you probably will not. And there


With about 10 million new iPhone 6s ordered in the initial days on the market, a whole lot of old iPhones are destined for the scrap heap. Sure, you could sell, donate or recycle your old Apple iPhone, but you probably will not. And there are better things to do with it.鉴于新款iPhone 6在上市后的最初几天内,就被采购了约1,000万部,许许多多的旧iPhone预见要被扔到垃圾堆。当然,你可以出售、捐献或重复使用你的旧iPhone,但还可以有更佳的处理办法。One creative example: At the Missouri University of Science and Technology, a biology class is making old iPhones into microscopes. Using less than $10 worth of supplies, the old phones are mounted onto a lens and can magnify an object to 175 times its size.一个富裕创新的例子再次发生在美国的密苏里科技大学(Missouri University of Science and Technology),这里有一堂生物课正在把原有iPhone改装显微镜来用于。

利用价值将近10美元的零部件,之后可将这些原有手机加装在一片透镜上,把仔细观察对象缩放到完整大小的175倍。Even an old phone with a cracked screen can be repurposed, says Josh Smith, editor of “You’re only really limited by your imagination,” Smith says.网站GottaBeMobile.com的编辑乔什o史密斯说道,即便是屏幕裂痕的旧手机也可以被彰显新的用途:“事实上,唯一容许你的只有自己的想象力。

”Here are 10 smart – and cheap – uses for old iPhones.以下是原有iPhones的10种精妙又廉价的用途。Clock时钟Set your old phone on a dock or a stand and use a clock app. With Standard Time ($3.99), you will have a timepiece unlike any other. With this app, your clock is a non-stop time lapse video of construction workers switching out pieces of lumber to shape the actual time. “It’s mesmerizing,” says Shawn Roberts, 47, an Oakland, California, marketing executive.把原有手机铺在一个模块坞或支架上,并且用于一款时钟应用程序。

借助《标准时间》(Standard Time)这款应用程序(3.99美元),你就不会享有一款与众不同的时钟。用于这款应用程序后,你的时钟就不会变为一部不间断的延时视频,画面表明建筑工人大大地把几段木材摆成回应实际时间的形状。加州奥克兰的一位营销主管、现年47岁的肖恩o罗伯茨说道:“这很有吸引力。

”You can also set up flexible alarms and get the phone to play soothing white noise as you go to sleep. Set it close enough to the bed, and it can be a sleep tracker, too, with an app like SleepBot (free).你还可以灵活性设置闹钟,并且在你睡觉时让手机播出舒缓的白噪音。此外,如果把它放到离床充足将近的地方,它还可以被用于睡眠中追踪器,当然这要利用像SleepBot(免费)这样的一款应用程序。Music for your car在汽车内播出音乐Take your music library on the road. Some cars come equipped with docking ports for iPhones and have dashboard screens so you can navigate your musical options hands-free. Or you can just use the cigarette lighter for power.拿着你的音乐库一起上路吧。部分汽车配有了用作iPhone的对接口,而且还有仪表屏,所以你可以以免托方式网页音乐自由选择。

或者,你也可以用汽车里的点烟器来给手机获取电力。Remote Control遥控器Televisions, speakers and other devices now have apps that allow users to make their iPhones into sleek remotes. Carm Lyman, 42, of Napa, California, converted his iPhone 4 into a remote for his household sound system after his iPhone 5 arrived. Lyman can control the audio levels and activate speakers in various parts of his home as well as access different music services.电视机、扬声器及其他设备现在都有适当的应用程序,让用户需要把iPhone变为时尚遥控器。


加州纳帕的卡姆o莱曼现年42岁,他在接到iPhone 5之后,之后把自己的iPhone 4改为遥控器,来掌控他的家用音响系统。莱曼可以在家里的各个角落掌控音响系统的音频水平,并且用于有所不同的音乐服务。Surveillance System监控系统Apps can convert an old iPhone that has access to WiFi into a surveillance camera and motion detector. Presence, which is a free app, provides a live stream from the area you want to monitor. You can set it up to record video clips when it detects motion, too.应用程序可以把一部可终端WiFi的旧iPhone变为一个监控摄像头兼任动作检测器。作为一款免费应用程序,Presence获取你想监控地区的动态监控视频。

此外,你还可以把它设置成检测到动作的同时开始录音视频剪辑。If you buy a robotic viewing stand for about $100, you can move the camera 360 degrees rather than stick with a stationary view.只要购买一款价格约为100美元的机械观测支架,你就可以让这个监控摄像头旋转360度,而不必须仍然维持相同视域。

Cookbook菜谱No need to go through recipe books or hunt around for other devices when you have a kitchen iPhone. Download a cookbook app, such as My Recipe Book (99 cents) or Big Oven (free), and just leave the device on the kitchen counter. It takes up almost no space and will hold far more recipes than any book.如果你有一部厨房iPhone,那么就没适当翻看烹调书或者找寻其他设备。iTunes一款菜谱软件,比如《我的烹调书》(My Recipe Book,99美分)或者《大烤箱》(Big Oven,免费),然后只需把手机回到厨房柜台上。

它完全不闲置任何空间,而且可容纳的菜谱相比之下少于任何一本烹调书。Extra Storage额外的存储空间Need a place to store old photos and music or other files? Turn your old phone into a storage drive using a free app like USB Wi-Fi Flash Drive.必须有个地方来存储原有照片和音乐或者其它文件吗?那就利用一款像《USB和Wi-Fi存储器驱动器》(USB Wi-Fi Flash Drive)这样的免费应用程序,把你的旧手机变为一台存储驱动器吧。

Voice Recorder语音记录器Why buy a digital voice recorder when you have a retired iPhone? Using any of several free apps, including Voice Recorder and Voice Record Pro, you will have a designated memo recorder or a device to record interviews and speeches.如果你有一部除役的iPhone,为什么还要出售数码录音机呢?用于几款免费应用程序中的任何一款,比如Voice Recorder和Voice Record Pro,你就不会享有一部专用的记录录音机或一部设备,来录音专访和演说。Document Scanner文档扫描仪Genius Scan and Doc Scan are two apps that will turn an iPhone into a handy portable scanner that you can use for work, school reports, genealogical research, or recording receipts. And they will not cost you a penny. For $20 and up, you can buy a stand that makes your iPhone into a stationary scanner.Genius Scan和Doc Scan这两款应用程序可以把iPhone变为一部便利的便携式扫描仪,你可以用作工作、学校报告、家谱研究或者记录菜谱。而且这两款应用程序会花上你一分钱。

你可以出售一个支架,让iPhone变为一台相同扫描仪,支架最低廉的价格为20美元。Baby Monitor婴儿监视器Sure, you can spend $100 or more on a baby monitor, or you can just set your old iPhone up to watch streaming video of your baby as well as hear and even talk to him or her. Cloud Baby Monitor ($3.99) also allows parents to receive the signal on a wireless network or on WiFi so they do not have to be within a certain number of feet of the monitor.当然,你可以花费100多美元出售一部婴儿监视器,或者你可以把原有iPhone设置成观赏宝宝动态监控视频,并且监听宝宝动静,甚至和宝宝说出。《云婴儿监视器》(Cloud Baby Monitor,3.99 美元) 也可以让家长在无线网络或WiFi上接到视频信号,这样他们就不用局限在距离监视器几英尺的范围之内了。Vehicle Tracker车辆追踪器Whether you need to find your car if it is stolen, record where you have traveled, or spy on your teenage driver, the built-in GPS in your phone can be used as a tracking device. An app like InstaMapper ($2.99) lets you watch the vehicle in real-time and have a record of it. Of course, you may end up taking the simple path of letting a child use your old iPhone as an iPod Touch. Keep in mind that the phone can still dial 911, even if it does not have cellular service, Smith said.无论你是要在自己的汽车被盗之后必须寻回汽车,还是记录下自己曾多次驾车经过哪里,或者是暗地监控你十几岁小孩的驾车情况,你手机的内置GPS(全球定位系统)均可被用来当成一部跟踪装置。

像InstaMapper(2.99美元)这样的一款应用程序让你需要动态监控车辆,并且把情况录音下来。当然,你有可能最后采行非常简单的办法,那就是让小孩把你的旧iPhone当成iPod Touch。史密斯说道,忘记,即便没移动服务,原有iPhone依然可以电话911。

You can also use your old phone as a back-up in case your new model suffers irreparable harm. That said, the battery of a phone that sits in a drawer unused could drain to the point where it is no longer viable.此外,你还可以把原有手机当成新款手机遭到不能填补的伤害时的可用手机。即便如此,如果把手机电池放到抽屉里不用于,那么过了一段时间电池里的电量不会消耗到很久无法用于的地步。





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